Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

A random, petty gripe for you, inspired by the fact that we’ve reached that time of year when ol’ Robbo’s morning and evening commutes involve driving directly into the rising or setting sun.

It seems that the circumstance of having Old Sol’s beams shining directly through their windshields alerts many drivers to how dirty said windshields are.

Well and good.  As teh old Schoolhouse Rock tag used to say, “Knowledge is power!”

But what irks me is what so many drivers do about it.  Specifically, they automatically hit teh windshield wiper cleaner spritz….while they’re still pointed directly into teh sunlight.

Do you know what such a maneuver does?  It renders teh driver completely blind for at least several seconds, until teh wiper blades can clear said spray of cleaner.

This may not be a big deal elsewhere in the country, but in the environs around Port Swiller Manor such momentary blindness  can be a killer, especially with all the bat-shite crazy Murrlanders whizzing around at the rate of knots.

I, personally, do not care to be involved in a pile-up resulting from the collision of said bat-shite crazy Murrlander and said temporarily-blinded clean windshield champion.    So I say to my fellow drivers in the neighborhood:  Don’t try to clean your windshields until you’re in teh shade, ye morons!

This has been a Port Swiller PSA.