Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

It suddenly dawned on ol’ Robbo today that he had completely missed something of a milestone around here.  Specifically, this past July 30 marked the 5th Anniversary of this port-soaked, Stilton-stuffed blog.

Several excuses for this oversight come to mind.

For one thing, it’s been a hectic, distracting year here at Port Swiller Manor and, to be frank, casual blogging has taken rayther a back seat to other concerns.

For another,  I’ve watched teh SightMeter stats gradually shrink over the years, my hit-average declining steadily since the old Llama Days.   (Back in teh early days of teh blogs, some writers took the it-doesn’t-matter-to-me-how-much-traffic-I-get-so long-as-I-post-true-to-myself attitude.  This, as I said at the time, is utter bull-hockey.   Anyone who tells you that they don’t pay attention to hit-counts and don’t care about comments is a liar.  And hit counts impact directly on teh creative juices.  Just ask Dickens.)

For a third, blogging simply has become more physically difficult of late.  This year, teh office techie gate-keepers seem to have blocked out WordPress altogether, seriously harshing my long-standing custom of slapping down posts whenever they occur to me during the day and confining me to evening and weekend bloviating, not my strong suit.

So, with all that, you perhaps may understand why Robbo failed to order teh balloons, ice-cream and clown.   (Well, I wouldn’t have ordered teh clown anyway.  We hates clowns!  All that malice buried beneath a deep layer of jocular grease-paint!  But that’s another story.)

Anyhoo, for those two or three friends of teh decanter that still gather together here, let me apologize for my forgetfulness and make it up to you by cracking open the vintage ’64 Sandeman and sending it round directly.  Bumpers all round, ladies and gentlemen, gunn’ls under and no heel taps!  Thankee for your support and here’s to your collective very good health!