Greetings, my fellow port swillers, and happy Labor Day!

Well, I guess we can call the Summah of ’13 O-fficially wrapped up now, as the new school year starts in less than 24 hours.

The eldest gel is starting 10th grade, and is talking more ambitiously about studying and extra-curricular activities than I’ve heard her do in the past, so I think there’s some hope there.  (Amongst other things, I believe she’s going to tutor inner-city kids via RFEC).    What alarms me the most is the fact that she’s going to be eligible for her learner’s permit in about three weeks.   My friends, I tell you truly:  I. Am. Not. Ready.

The middle gel starts 8th grade.  I was thumbing through her books for English and was delighted by what I saw ( Willa Cather, Robert Louis Stevenson,  the Bard’s Tempest, Orwell’s Animal Farm) and by what I didn’t see (no Maya Angelou, for example).  Of course, there can be as much mischief in how a book is taught as in the choice of books itself.  Cather and RLS were both excellent wordsmiths: I would hope this is why they were chosen and that the class does not go off on some psychobabblic, grievance-mongering tangent about them.   (They’re reading the former’s My Antonia and the latter’s Jekyll and Hyde, neither of which I’ve read myself, btw.  This seems like a good time for ol’ Robbo to clap eyeballs on them himself.)

Aaaaand, the youngest gel starts 6th grade, her final year at St. Marie of the Blessed Educational Method, where she will be the oldest kid and unofficial Queen Bee of the place.   Yikes!