Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

We’re entertaining some friends to a Labor Day cook out this evening and ol’ Robbo decided to get ambitious and try his hand at some kebobs.  I’ve had various meats marinating in a retsina/olive oil/onion/garlic/rosemary concoction all night and when I get home this afternoon I intend to reduce it and use it to slather the various veggies.

I will bet you a dozen of anything you like that we get thunderstorms at Port Swiller Manor juuuuust about the time I go to cook.

Also, Robbo was fool enough to start getting excited about his beloved Nationals suddenly showing signs of life and the renewed possibility of their being able to bag a wild-card slot.  He was even more fool enough to talk about such excitement.  Since then, the Nats have dropped two to the Mets, including an abjectly humiliating trouncing last night.

Me and my big mouth.

Well, off to Mass.

UPDATE:  What to say?  I think the only person who didn’t like the kebobs was me.  It did rain last night, but only later on.  I rayther wish it had done so earlier, as at dins time it was hot, humid and without a breath of air, which made hanging around outside rayther uncomfortable.  Then Robbo’s beloved Nats grabbed a late-inning win from teh Mets and are now only 6 1/2 back in the wildcard race.

Go figure.