Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo feels quite guilty about the quality of his posts of late.  In general, he’s always taken a certain amount of pride (merited or otherwise) in his belief that what he serves up over the port and Stilton is, if not better than, at least distinct from the usual drivel one finds on these intertoobs.  The past couple weeks, however, he’s had the distinct feeling not only that he’s just phoning it in, in some cases downright incoherently, but that friends of the decanter are aware of said incoherent phoning.

Hence, the apology.  (Thumps chest thrice in approved “mea culpa” fashion.)

The troof of the matter, to which I recall alluding a week or two ago, is that it’s been a hell of a year at Port Swiller Manor and my poor braims are just about completely shot.  And to the extent I get any technical support from higher powers,  my Muse has already caught the last train for the coast.


A week from now I will be packing up to head up tah Maine for a week of summah rest and relaxation.   Until then, I may post a few extremely random, incoherent and ultimately boring posts just to keep teh pixels fresh, but don’t expect a lot of, um, “content”.