Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Nats HatWith this afternoon’s second loss to the Tigers (completing a short, two game sweep), Robbo has finally come to the conclusion that, barring some kind of crazy miracle in which his beloved Nationals are touched by flames and the entire Atlanta squad come down with a season-ending outbreak of the bots,   we are just about done as far as post-season aspirations are concerned.


Longtime friends of teh decanter will recall that ol’ Robbo has been a die-hard Nationals fan from the beginning.   I reveled in the first season hoopla, keenly aware of the Fluke Factor involved.  I suffered through the subsequent years of “Nat’Nal” humiliation, clinging to the belief that things just wanted shaking out and smug in my continued manning of the barricades while all the sunshine patriots scurried away.

So please understand that what I say now is no summah soldier gripe.

True,  I rejoiced in the latter half of the 2011 season when the Nats started to wake up.  And I had even more reason to revel when they picked it up again in 2012 and won the division.  After the years of humiliation, how could I be blamed?

Further, was I honestly culpable for believing that more or less the same squad would power up again this year and dominate the NL East?

Of course not.  But when expectation met reality,  as the fellah said,“Wha happened?”

Damme if I know.

Perhaps it was Manager Davy Johnson’s off-season quip about “teh World Series or bust”.   The Baseball Gods do not reward such hubris.

Perhaps, instead, it’s  just a team thing.   This ain’t the same hungry, scrapping squad I saw last year.  Instead, they seem listless, frustrated, tense and rigid.  Natitude has become Flatitude.   Complaisance?  Arrogance?  Al Queda plot to undermine ‘Murican cultchah?

Beats me.

Anyhoo, whatever happens, I’ll stick with ’em. 


Go, Nats!