Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

This evening, ol’ Robbo toddled down to the former Port Swiller Manor Fortress of Solitude in order to listen to un po di Papa (his Missa in Tempore Belli, in case you’re interested, one of my favorites).

As I fiddled with the CD player, which is one of those six-disc-tray affairs, I noticed a CD in one of teh trays that I know for a fact I had not put there myself.  It was the second act of a production of Mozart’s Cosi Fan Tutte by John Eliot Full-of-Himself Gardiner, The English Baroque Soloists, the Monteverdi Choir and various top-name soloists including one of my favorite bass-baritones, Rodney Gilfry.

In general, Robbo does not like other people fiddling with his personal things.  In this case, however, I couldn’t help but chuckle, in part because I immediately knew it was teh Middle Gel’s doing (nobody else in my immediate family having the faintest interest in such things), and in part because of what I had observed earlier in the day.

You see, during the summah, Robbo’s Former Episcopal Church employs a volunteer choir for its services, open to anybody who feels disposed to show up.

Prior to her joining teh choir down the Nat’nal Cathedral last year, the Middle Gel was a mainstay of RFEC’s yoot choir.  Because she is very fond of teh RFEC choir director, and because she just plain likes singing, teh gel was determined -when she got the chance – to join in with teh summah choir this year.  Busman’s holiday, indeed.

I should clarify here that at teh RFEC, the yoot choir wear red robes under white, whaddayacallum, surplices or whatever, while teh elders wear black robes under same white top hamper.

Well, this morning, I ran teh gel up to RFEC for choir practice, an hour before the service.  She scuttled into the  changing room to robe up while I loitered about in the hall.

Eventually, I heard the changing room door open.  I wheeled around just in time to notice a certain young lady scuttling across to the choir room…..distinctly clad in black.

Talk about your quiet statements.

I could hear the choir director joshing her about her wardrobe, but I also found myself swelling with pride.  How typical of this gel to set what she wants in her sites and then just……do it.  No fuss, no bother, no hysterics.  Just, at least in this case, L’Robe, se moi.

Oh, and the actual singing?  It was a duet, an Andrew Lloyd-Gawd-Help-Us-Webber Pie Jesu, one of teh gel’s favorites.  She nailed it.

I know all this sounds like boasting, but it really isn’t.  I offer it, instead, in awe and gratitude for having been blessed with such a splendid daughter.