Greetings, my fellow port swillers!  Thank Heaven it’s Friday.  And even better, I just realized that it’s now only two weeks until ol’ Robbo gets his badly-needed summah vac.  Whoo-Hoo!

♦   I mentioned in the post below the ongoing renovations at Port Swiller Manor.  In response to several inquiries, I am happy to report that the mawstah bawth is now more or less done and is fully functional.  Mrs. Robbo got to try out her new soaker tub last evening and all was well.  The inside crew has now shifted their focus to teh gels’ bathroom.  Since the job there involves nothing more than replacing fixtures, some new tile around the tub and a lick o’ paint, I’m hoping they will be done within the next week.

As for the porch out back, after endless rain delays they’ve got the thing more or less framed, but I’d guess another two or three weeks until the thing is finally finished.  I don’t know whether I mentioned that it’s going to be roofed, screened and ceiling-fanned?  I’ve an idea it’s going to shift the entire pattern of life for the Family Robbo.

The contractor estimated, btw, that the entire job inside and out would take about six weeks.  Feh.  We’re now two months in already and, as I say, still have a couple weeks to go.

Which might have been problematic, given, as I say, that the hols start in two weeks.   After all, we can’t very well all disappear up ta Maine when finishing touches are being put on.  I hinted around about this to Mrs. R this morning and she said, “Oh, you’re going one way or another.   If the gels and I can come, then fine, but we’ve already had some trips this summah and you haven’t had anything.  So.  You’re.  Going.”

I love my wife.

Although there are times when I’d like to wring her neck.   To wit:  Long time friends of the decanter – and this might actually stretch back to the old Llama Days – may remember that Robbo became interested in model ship building some years ago.  To this end, be bought himself a kit of an 1848 Baltimore Clipper named the “Harvey” and set about it.  I’d got as far as putting the hull together and planking the deck, and was set to add the bulwarks and finish the sides when life, i.e., child-rearing, suddenly imposed itself.   Realizing that my time was not really my own anymore, I reckoned that I could simply put the ship aside and return to it later on at my leisure.  So I collected up all the materials, including the hull, and shoved them onto a top shelf in our closet, where they sat undisturbed.

Well, come the renovations, Mrs. R had to empty the closet in a hurry, essentially dumping everything in a huge jumble on our bed and sofa and throwing a couple dust sheets over it.   This past week, we finally got to put everything back.  Mysteriously, while I found the box containing all the spars, rigging and top-hamper for the Harvey, the hull itself had vanished.   Now I’m not saying that Mrs. R scuttled it intentionally, but she was never much of a fan and she does have a bad habit of sometimes throwing things out without paying too close attention.

Oh, well.

♦   On a completely different note, I gather that a new Percy Jackson movie is set for release some time in the next few weeks.   The gels are all big Percy Jackson book series fans and were bitterly disappointed with the first PJ movie and the liberties it took with said books.  (Sound familiar?  Apples and trees, my dear friends, apples and trees.)  They’re now psyching themselves up to go see this one with the specific intent of damning it for its own inevitable inaccuracies.

♦    And speaking of truly bad films,  I notice that ScyFy is rerunning “Sharknado” tomorrow night.  As it happens, the Former Llama Military Correspondent and his family will be dropping in on Port Swiller Manor for a visit.  I can’t think of a more pleasant activity than adult beverages and watching this dawg all together.  (The middle gel tells me, btw, that a “Sharknado 2” is in the works – this one sending the flying chompers to Noo Yawk City.   Bring.  It.  On.)

♦    Oh, and speaking of just truly bad, I can’t help commenting on all those fembot efforts to cover for the sleazy sex scandals breaking out recently, due to the fact that the slimeball politickal perps at the centers of them are big-time “reproductive rights” champeens.  That’s weapons-grade evil, that is.