Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

A few observations:

Observation the First:  Robbo’s beloved Nats are now 0-6 since the all-star break and dismal RISP stats are to be blamed in almost every single loss.   I tried early on to guard against the hyped up expectations of the 162-0 bandwagon crowd, but I must confess that this season’s outright mediocrity is becoming painful.

Observation the Second:  Next time I get the idea to undertake renovations to Port Swiller Manor, I’m instead simply going to burn the place to the ground and move elsewhere.   Less hassle.

Observation the Third:   Energetic and exploratory young kittehs and fireplace mantles are a bad combination.

Observation the Fourth:  The allure of teh nose-piercing continues to elude me.

Observation the Fifth:  Re the observation above, no I am not speaking of any of teh gels.  The youngest was chatting with Mrs. R recently about such things.  When she asked teh Missus what would happen if she (the youngest) dyed her hair, Mrs. R replied, “Daddy probably would shave it all off.”  When teh youngest asked what would happen if she got a tattoo, Mrs. R said, “We probably would strip the affected skin off with a blunt knife.”

So, there.