Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

This evening found ol’ Robbo listlessly surfing cable channels because he simply couldn’t bear watching his beloved Nats floundering against the bottom-dwelling Fish.  What a season.

The result of said surfing was a stop at Beeb-USA, which was running old Star Trek-TNG reruns.  The one I watched in particular involved the return of a holodeck-generated Professor Moriarty and his effort to hocus the crew of the Enterprise into granting him his freedom.

(Yes, it’s that Moriarty created by Conan Doyle as Holmes’ arch-nemisis.)

Anyhoo, the reason I find this post-worthy is that at the point where the computer-generated Moriarty is debating the concept of “existence” with members of the Enterprise crew, he lets off Descartes’ famous yet flawed point of departure, “Cogito, ergo sum.”  (“I think, therefore I am.”)

Friends of the decanter, I am not here to debate the wisdom of said principle, which, although profound, is beyond the scope of my capacity at the moment.   Instead, I raise a point of pronunciation.

In his rendition,  Daniel Davis (the actor portraying Moriarty) says, “KHAH-ji-toh, ergo sum.”

In my own humble understanding of Latin pronunciation, the phrase ought to sound, “Ko-GEE-toh, ergo sum.”

Sure, it’s a small thing in the greater scheme.  But it’s important to me.

UPDATE: Speaking of important, the Zimmerman jury just came in as I was typing.   Greater scheme, indeed. In. Deed.