Greetings, my fellow port swillers and Happy Friday!

A drop o’ random for you?

♦     I’m still chuckling over Sharknado this morning.  (If you didn’t catch the premier last evening, I’m sure it will be rerun.)  I expect this movie will be the gold standard of Truly Bad Films for some time to come.  Indeed, perhaps “sharknado” will even enter the vocabulary as both noun and verb.  E.g., “I assigned the account to Johnson but he made a real sharknado out of it and the client walked.”  Or, “Progressive statism is sharknadoing what’s left of Western Civilization.”  I encourage all friends of the decanter to make a practice of incorporating the word into daily use.  Lord knows, you’ll have plenty of opportunities.

♦     What a lot of rain we’ve had in the environs of Port Swiller Manor this summah!  (It’s coming down again even as I type.)  A landscaping glitch that I’ve not yet got round to dealing with causes rainwater and mud to pond up on the driveway in front of the garage when it rains heavily enough.  There’s a small field drain, but it often gets blocked with debris.  The only thing to do is go out with a shovel, a rake and the hose and clear it off.  I doubt that many other people include bailing out the driveway on their list of domestic chores.

♦     I had forgotten how much puppies and kittehs like to chew on fingers.  Yowtch!

♦     Mrs. Robbo and the younger gels are off for a few days at a dude ranch, of all places, in Eastern Tennessee.  (Mrs. R is overtaken periodically with bouts of wanderlust.  In this, we are very, very different.)  Anyhoo, not being an experienced horsewoman, she was quite pleased to report to our little circle that she came through her first trail ride yesterday without mishap.  I couldn’t help responding that one isn’t a real rider until one has been thrown, kicked or bitten.  (I’ve had all three happen in my time.)   Mrs. Former Llama Military Correspondent also chimed in that since Mrs. R is using a western saddle, this probably does not count.    We’re kind of a cruel lot.

♦     Oh, speaking of summah wanderings, I must give official notice here that teh Robbo brain has gone into its annual state of vapor-lock and, until I go on hols next month, most likely will spew out posts even more sparse, random, disjointed and shallow than normal.  It’s been a relatively stressful year around here and it just hit me this week how absolutely exhausted I am.  Anyhoo, my apologies in advance.