Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Those of you following the feline upheavals at Port Swiller Manor (see below) may be interested to know that last evening, after claiming they were only off to “visit”, Mrs. R and the gels returned home with a six or seven week old short-haired orange tabby cat, Fiona by name, to swell the ranks.  Fiona’s sister Chloe, so I am given to understand, will be picked up on Monday to join the crew.

To those of you who might ask, “Tom, you don’t even like cats.  What’s the deal?”,  I will only say this:

Firsto, teh kittehs are being picked up from an organization that rescues unwanted cats and dogs from euthanasia mills and other death-trap shelters, and fosters them out to loving homes. So I like to think we’re doing our small part in teh war against animal cruelty.

Second, …..Oh, shoot, I knew there was a second in this somewhere…..Well, it’s gone now.  However, I will note that this is the first time we’ve introduced new pets when all three gels are of an age to really understand.  I’d like to think that getting all of them in on the front end of a pet life-cycle will be beneficiary to them.  Or something.

Third, you’d have to sew ’em back on, first…..


This evening, Ol’ Robbo’s beloved Nats lost to the Philadelphia Phillies by a score of 3-2.  Most Nats fans were cringing ahead of teh game because our starter this evening was Dan Haren, the weak link in the rotation and something of a team embarrassment.  However, Dan the Man actually pitched a pretty decent game.  What killed us was the outstanding effort of the Phils’ starter, John Lannan, who shut us out through eight innings.

Now, here’s the thing I don’t understand:  Lannan was a Nat for several seasons before being let go (I believe) at the end of last year.  If there’s anybody out there who ought to know his delivery, it’s our people.  And yet?  This evening, Lannan did exactly what he always does – a lot of off-speed and breaking, grounder-producing stuff – and….the Nats simply fell for it.  Repeatedly.  Helloooo? McFly!!!!  Can you not even adjust over four times through the line-up to a pitcher who’s going by the book?  Sheesh!

Well, here’s hoping the great Jobu will smile on us over the next couple days and give us bats.  If we can hit the All-Star break with a couple more wins, we’ll be in good position for the play-off run.

In the meantime, what can one say, other than,