Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

I’d like to wish you all a happy 4th of July, but the fact of the matter is that ol’ Robbo’s heart simply isn’t in it this year.

I’m 48, which means I was too young to experience the travesties and chaos of the 60’s and only beginning to form opinions during the Carter malaise of the late 70’s.   And although I’ve read of many past historickal crises that our nation has managed to weather (heck, this is the 150th anniversary of both Gettysburg and Vicksburg), the printed word is never the same thing as the real deal.  So I readily grant that perhaps my personal perspective is somewhat limited and perhaps the Grand Old Republick is stronger than I think.

Nevertheless, I am absolutely appalled at the state of things as I look about me, perhaps all the more so because so many people, to the extent they even notice the ailing Body Politick, seem to say nothing more than, “Nice bling.  That’s hot.”  (Note to Self:  Why do you skim Yahoo! Gnus?  Why?)  Bread?  Circuses?  You make such a lovely couple!

Sweet Meteor of Death, I dunno what to say.  I’ll try and remember the original intent of July 4, 1776.  (What on earth would the Founders think of us now?)  I’ll enjoy what fireworks I can, although you can’t actually buy real ones anymore.  (When I was a kid, we used to launch bottle-rockets at each other.  Good times.)  As for televised coverage, I can’t help noticing that in recent years the annual PBS “Capitol Fourth”  has gone the same way as Olympics coverage and Times Square on Noo Year’s Eve- all smarmy, schmaltzy, programmatic production and very little actual underlying content.  This year they’ve announced that Tom Bergeron is hosting and Barry Manilow is the headline act.  This is teh best they can manage?  Feh, I hope it gets rained out.

Sorry to be so grumpy, but I ams what I ams.