Nats HatGreetings, my fellow port swillers!

Last evening, ol’ Robbo settled down to watch his beloved Nats take on the Metropolitans of Noo Yawk up at Sit-tay Field.  The game was billed to be a real pitcher’s duel, with the Nats’ Ross Detwiler (aka “National Det”) taking on the Mets’ hot-shot ace Matt Harvey.  And through the first five innings, the game proved to be as advertised, with each team scoring but a single run.  However, by the bottom of the 7th, the wheels had started coming off for Det, leaving the Mets up 4-1.

Last year, Robbo’s beloved Nats specialized in come-from-behind victories.  No one ever knew what was going to happen until the last strike of the last inning.  This year?  Not so much.

Therefore, feeling in no mood to watch what he thought a likely defeat, Robbo…..turned off the game.  Instead, he popped in his Netflix copy of Rio Grande, in which the Dook looks broody and Maureen O’Hara looks sulky.

Imagine my surprise, then, when after the movie was over and I was preparing to get in a spot of knitting up the jolly old ravell’d sleave of care, I happened to check on the innertoobs about the game and discovered…….the Nats had rallied back in the late innings to win!

I went to bed feeling somewhat ashamed of myself.  What kind of penance d’you suppose the Baseball Gods demand for this sort of fair-weather fandom?

Other than, of course, saying