Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

A few weeks ago, when I mentioned the current renovations to Port Swiller Manor to Sistah of which regular friends of the decanter are no doubt aware, she remarked based on her own experience that she refused ever again to live in a house that was being remodeled.

Without going into all the details which would only bore you, I will say that based on my own experience of the past few weeks I heartily agree.

Will no one rid me these turbulent workers?

I kid, I kid. The end product will be good.   Still, we hates disruption, and disruption is what we’ve got in spades.

Speaking of such things, a couple days ago in circumstances it would be too complex to explain, I found myself in a position to quote Shakespeare regarding offspring to someone who doubtlessly considers himself one of our educated elite:

I will do such things — what they are yet I know not — but they shall be the terrors of the earth!”

Not only did he miss the quote itself (Lear, Act II, scene iv), he missed the point that this was such an empty threat.