Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

My apologies for my recent lack of posts.  The free feast of bloggy reason and flow of pixel soul is rayther difficult when your fortress of solitude has been breached by the Real World (my work PC seems no longer inclined to accept WordPress and my home study is now temporarily the de facto mawster bedroom)  and your stream of consciousness has been diverted by the boulders of familial contact  (as I type, Mrs. R is but a very short stone’s throw away on the fold-out basement sofa-bed, one eye on her book, the other on my fingers…) .

Another couple weeks and we, hopefully, will get the insides of Port Swiller Manor sorted out and everyone back to their allotted spheres of influence.

In the meantime…..

Ol’ Robbo spent several hours today trying to get his employer I.D. synced with the latest security upgrades.  This involved multiple trips up and down stairs, plentiful DMV-like waiting around, several re-iterations of canned pre-determined protocols and, in the end, one of the IT guys finally coming to Robbo’s desk to practice his incomprehensible magic.

My impression of this exercise?


“Security” be damned.  I’m guessing that the whole thing was designed to give teh FBI hard, real-time  GPS targets for their drone launches once the purges are declared.  Y’all might want to grab the decanter and take a few steps back from me.