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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

This evening ol’ Robbo was mapping out in his brains the logistics of transporting the gels to and from school over the course of the next couple weeks.

As regular friends of the decanter may recall, the gels go to three different schools this year, the eldest finishing up her freshman year in high school, the middle her first year of middle school and the youngest her next-to-last elementary year at St. Marie of the Blessed Educational Method.   Mrs. R and I had, between us, put together a shuttle regime that worked just fine for the day-to-day of the normal academic year and to which I had got quite used.  However, we’re now into exam/end of semester time and Of Course all their schools are on different timetables of short days, exam periods and end-of-year ceremonies and festivities.  All I can say is, “Cry Havoc! And let slip the dogs of altered scheduling!”

But aside from the technical arcana of who-needs-to-be-where-when, what really weighs on my mind is the speed with which all of this has come upon us.  It really and truly feels as if it was just yesterday that we were packing them all off with brand new books and supplies to their first days of class.  And I am positively gob-smacked that the year has blown by in such a flash.  I honestly cannot think of any other academic year that, in retrospect, has whirled away in such a blur.

I hope that this is just a product of the particular circumstances that have imposed themselves upon the denizens of Port Swiller Manor this year.   I haven’t talked about them much here, but in the past nine months we’ve had a death in the family and several major health issues which, combined, have taken up a goodish bit of our time and attention, not to say our energy.   Thinking on it, I like to believe that distraction by these circumstances has been a major player behind the telescoping of my perceptions.

The alternate explanation – that Robbo is just getting old – is one that I don’t particularly care to contemplate.



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