Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

A distinctly chilly and brisk – albeit sunny – Memorial Day weekend is underway here in the neighborhood of Port Swiller Manor.  Personally, I blame ManBearPig for this latest evidence of global warming cooling weirding weather.   Help me, Algore! You’re my only hope!


As I mentioned over at Facebook t’other day, it turns out that we get get a pass on this year’s Great Cicada Outburst – apparently, the footprint of this particular hatching brood only gets into the southern part of our county and we’re at the northern end.  I haven’t heard so much as a single one, nor have I seen any on the wing.  The gels, when they learned the nooz, were ecstatic.  And I must say that I don’t miss ’em myself.  One of Ma Nature’s more disgusting and pointless experiments, in my opinion.

Speaking of Ma Nature, I noticed a funny thing this morning.  As regular friends of the decanter are aware, ol’ Robbo has posted here from time to time of his fondness for catbirds, of which there are quite a few in our neck of the woods.  Now, heretofore in the song department I had always thought that they pretty much confined themselves to their cat-like mewing and that it was their cousin the mockingbird that specialized in improvisational riffs.  Yet as I glanced out the kitchen window at the rising sun, I beheld and heard a catbird sitting on the porch rail and going twenty to the dozen.   Have they always been able to do this?

Do any of my fellow swillers know the name of those very, very small spiders that weave very thick and gauzy tent-like webs?  This seems to be rayther a bad year for them in my clematis and climbing rose, bad enough that I feel I may need to intervene chemically.

Well, this being Memorial Day weekend, the streets round here are filled with fat, bearded guys with tattoos riding big ol’ hawgs and making a lot of noise.  Where did this custom arise?  It’s a Vietnam thing, isn’t it?

And speaking of which, I have seen the expression, “All gave some, but some gave all” floating around the innertoobs the past few days.  I like it and I hope all of you will remember to raise a glass to those who didn’t make it back.