Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Well, another Saturday dawns at Port Swiller Manor and finds Robbo staring at the radar and wondering whether he has time to spritz the weeds with Round-Up before the thunderstorms move in.  Probably not.   At least I got the grass cut last evening, so that’s something.

♦   I mentioned the Gels of MASN in the post immediately below.  Now I will tell you something about my own gel of summah.  The eleven year old has inserted herself in a rotation of two or three regulars playing catcher for her softball team this season.  T’other evening I was watching her in action behind the plate when it suddenly occurred to me why she enjoys the position so much:  It’s a spotlight.  The catchers are constantly complimented by coaches and crowds for their handing of what can be quite eccentric pitching at this level.  There’s also great satisfaction in staring down a runner at third who’s thinking of stealing.  However, she especially loves dramatically sweeping off her face-mask when pursuing a pop foul.  What a ham.   (To her credit, she is good at it, too.)

♦    Speaking of ball clubs, ol’ Robbo’s beloved Nats find themselves on a little five-game winning streak and look to be settling back into their true form.  My blood pressure has dropped several points over the past week or so as a result.  Go, NATS!!

♦     I look with horror and revulsion at the information coming to light about what happened in Libya.  (Well, not just that, of course.)  But I am all the more horrified by my feeling that nothing will really come of it.  Why? Because if you ask the opinion of the average low-information voter, you’re likely to get the answer,”Ben Ghazi? Who? Isn’t he that NFL player who just came out? Or is he the one dating a Kardashian?”


♦     Speaking of such things, I don’t usually read much political or social science, but by happenstance two new books have seized the Robbo attention.  The first is Roger Kimball’s The Fortunes of Permanence: Culture and Anarchy in an Age of Amnesia.  Jay Nordlinger has been quoting and reviewing the book extensively over at NRO, and much of what he cites goes right to ol’ Robbo’s heart.  The other book, by another NRO writer, is Kevin Williamson’s The End Is Near and It’s Going to Be Awesome: How Going Broke Will Leave America Richer, Happier, and More Secure.  I believe that I’ve written here before of my belief that we, as a nation, are hurtling toward catastrophe.  But I also said that, however hard it’s going to be, there isn’t reason just yet to save that last round for yourself.  Williamson’s theme, from the blurbs and interviews I’ve seen, appears to follow this same line.  Anyway, I like his writing style.  (UPDATE: Here is The Czar’s review.  Makes me all the more eager to dive in.)

I’ll let you know what I think.

♦     Some might suggest that ol’ Robbo spend his valuable reading time not with works that reenforce his own world view but with those that challenge it.  To them, I respectfully reply: Get stuffed.  Through some horrid process of social evolution, I seem to have become a bona fide member of the counterculture.  I look out from the redoubt and see the “challenge” swirling around it continually.  No need to unlock the gate and let them in.

♦     Oh, since I am posting so sparsely these days, let me get this out of the way:  Happy Mother’s Day.

♦     Tomorrow is also Ascension Sunday.  Or, as Father Z rants about it, Ascension Thursday Sunday.  Go on over and enjoy if you like this sort of thing (which I do).

♦     Speaking of rants, alert friends of the decanter may have noticed the absence here of complaints about tourons, a subject which in past years has consumed so much of Robbo’s thought.  This is simply due to teh fact that I have been driving into work since last August instead of taking the metro, so just don’t have that much personal contact with them anymore.  However, this change in commuting practice has not done away with the touron menace so much as transformed it into another shape.  Yes, I’m talking about the dreaded tour busses.  As the weather warms, these behemoths are starting to seriously jam up my afternoon drive.  (And when it takes me an hour to go ten city blocks, I have every right to be cranky about it.)  As a rule, I try to be a courteous driver – giving people room to merge in, for instance; stopping to let somebody pull out of a driveway.  Not so with these busses, from which I use every method, legal or otherwise, to dodge, cut off or otherwise distance myself.  Grrrrrrr…….

♦     And may I just remark here (perhaps again) on what a wonderful city car the Jeep Wrangler really is?  Its small size, quick pickup and sweet maneuverability make it ideal for nipping in and out of traffic.

Well, I glance out the window and here’s the rain.  Too bad.   Everything was probably too wet to begin with anyway.

UPDATE:  In re the low-information voter above, I should have noted that their next sentence would have been, “Hey, when do I get all my free shite?”  “Low-information voter” is one way to describe them, but I think “Bread-and-Circuses voter” is even more apt.