Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

I will not keep you long on this post.  However, I thought it appropriate to enter my two cents here on a subject of long debate.   To wit, that of Nature versus Nurture in re raising children.

Here are my empiric observations:

As regular friends of the decanter know, ol’ Robbo has three daughters, now all of whom are teens or pre-teens.

For scientific purposes, I can assure you that all of them have been exposed all their lives to what can safely be described as the Same Environment.

For all that, I find myself in charge of three wildly divergent personalities, specifically , a crank, a sweet-heart and a looney.

The bottom line I reach from my dealings with them is best expressed in nautical terms:  Their personalities are subject to the prevailing winds (i.e., the way they were born.).  As family captain, I can’t do more than trim the sails to alter their courses a few points towards where I think they should go.  Beyond that, I am fairly helpless.

I offer this observation for what it’s worth.   A calm sea and prosperous voyage to those of you dealing with the same thing!  (And, of course a glass of port!)