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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Or, at least, those of you who still drop in….

This afternoon when I was chatting with the Mothe, she asked, “Have you given up blogging?”


Here’s Robbo’s predicament:  A variety of issues have boiled up around Port Swiller Manor in the past couple months that have forced themselves on Robbo’s attention but have not – owing to issues of confidentiality and propriety – been blog-worthy in and of themselves.

I don’t wish to appear cryptic here.  It’s just that  this is the trap of a semi-autonymous bloggy identity and a generally domestick blogging theme.   As teh kids like to say, or at least did so ten minutes ago, one must guard against the disclosure of TMI.  But don’t worry – we’re all alive and well.

(And, of course,  there is the matter of Robbo’s employer’s recent responses to my attempts to dial into WordPress, which could be summed up in the single word: Que?  Who am I to contact tech support and bitch about my sudden inability to post whatever drifts across my so-called mind during bizness hours?  As I have often, bitterly, noted, I’m not paid for my artistic expression.)

The long and the short of it is that I have simply been too busy and too distracted and too inhibited to concentrate on the Important Things, such as the gratuitous blathering that constitutes about 99.999999% of what you will find here at Port Swiller Central.

But please, do not drain your glasses and start fumbling for your hats and brollies as you mutter about important engagements that you must get to!   Ol’ Robbo promises that he has not abandoned his position at the head of the table and that he will keep the decanter circulating – by means of trained squirrels if necessary – and that the walnuts are always on the table and the Stilton is always on the sideboard.

Of course, it would not hurt if somebody out there gave me a lead.  Back in school, I used to hate assignments when I was invited to write about “whatever I wanted” regarding a given text.  I used to beg the profs:  For goodness sake, tell me WHAT to write about! You lot could to the same.



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