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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo seems to have shaken the bout of the blues that informed the post immediately below.  It’s not that I don’t still believe any of my prognostications of doom.  Rayther, I seem to have come back to that normal equilibrium of temperament that allows me to snap my fingers at the incoming wall of Numenor-foundering water with cheerful contempt.

Which allows me to bring up an utterly trivial matter.

The Nissan car company is one of this year’s sponsors of the MASN teevee broadcasts of Nationals baseball.  (And just as an aside, you don’t know how much of a psychological relief it is that they spanked the Fish this evening after having been humiliated by the Braves over the weekend.  I’m starting to take this game waaaaaay too seriously.)  Anyhoo, in an ad that already has aired far too often this young season, the good people of Nissan flog one of their new models with, among other things, a claim that the featured automobile comes equipped with “NASA-inspired zero-gravity seats”.

My friends, I ask you candidly:  Just what the good Godfrey Daniel isNASA-inspired zero-gravity seats” supposed to mean?

The way-back machine in ol’ Robbo’s brain suddenly started humming and he was transported back to a treasured time of his misspent yoot in which he was instructed by a different car company to dream of reeech, Corinthean leatheeer…….


Nothing new under the sun, and all that….



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