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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo finds himself in a bit of a bloggy quandary.  Over the course of the past (nearly) ten years, his method of postie-composition has been to fire from the hip throughout the day as various random thoughts and observations occur to him.  Or, if you prefer, reversing the metaphor so that the blog itself is a passive conduit instead of an active weapon,  one could almost picture my kind of blogging as a sort of mental lightning rod, a metal pole by which to channel said random thoughts and observations into a harmless ground.  Heck, it keeps the barn from burning down.

Recently, however, certain circumstances have caused the paradigm to shift somewhat.  For the past few weeks, Robbo’s blogging has been confined to the late evening, a time period in which I usually am quite tired and lacking in compositional stamina, to say nothing of coherence, and in which many of the things that occur to me during the course of the day have already evaporated.  (I am pretty confident that this very post itself illustrates the resultant precipitous drop in quality.)  Res, as they say, ipsa loquitur.

The upshot is that I realize that I need to find a way to preserve the blog material inspired by my day-to-day, real-time observations for later delivery to you friends of the decanter over the Stilton and walnuts.  In the end, it might very well come down to what the ancients apparently referred to as “a No. 2 pencil and a legal pad” – whatever that means.

Anyhoo, my apologies to the two or three of you who still come together here, for the recent sparse and content-free efforts.  I forget who the fellah was who talked about the center not holding (perhaps it was T.S. Eliot?), but I intend to prove him wrong.  The decanter-centric still-point will hold, especially as ol’ Robbo is the one who will have to get up all the glass splinters out of the Turkey carpet if it comes to pieces, and I don’t relish such a housecleaning job.

Your continued patience is appreciated….


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