Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

By the time those two or three of you together read this post, it will be time for ol’ Robbo to shut things down.

Wednesday – Tenebrae, complete with alter boys vigorously kicking the stuffing out of the pews….

Thursday – Mass of the Last Supper.  Yes, there will be washing of feet.  Problem?

Friday – Good Friday.  The Passion.  In Latin.  ‘Nuff said.

Saturday – Easter Vigil (at which ol’ Robbo marks his fifth year as a member of Holy Mother Church and thanks every single blessed minute since he swam the Tiber).

Sunday – Various activities only marginally connected with Robbo’s celebration of His Resurrection but nonetheless meaningful and obligatory. To wit, hearing the Middle Gel sing at the Cathedral and then tooling out to the Shenandoah Valley to Cousin C’s for Easter din-dins.)

Monday – The aftermath of Holy Week……. and opening day at Nationals Park.  (No, we don’t have tickets.  But the truth is that I’d rather watch it on teevee than slog down to the Park after all the fuss and bother of the previous few days.  Anyhoo, it’s only the Marlins….)