Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

How odd to wake up on March 25 and find Port Swiller Manor under a couple of inches of heavy, wet snow!  Must be Global Warming.  Or sumf’n.

It so happens that the gels are out of town still visiting Fort LMC.  They’ll be furious that they missed the opportunity to cavort.

Since winter storm naming has become all the rage this year, I am officially dubbing this one “Son of Snowquester”.  If Jim “Mimbo” Cantore has a problem with that, he knows where he can find me….

UPDATE:  Well, it’s all over and done.   I’d say Port Swiller Manor got about three inches or so as I sat messing about with the taxes.  Very pretty to watch coming down, with the added benefit that it’s all already melted off the drive so no shoveling for Robbo.

As to the storm name, it seems that my suggestion has been ignored (we artistes live unappreciated lives, we really do) and the commenters over at the post-mortem are collectively dubbing it “Passnover”.  (Which, in all fairness, I have to admit is pretty good, too.)