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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!  How about a bit of Primaveral anticipation?

♦    Ol’ Robbo had an oddish dream last night that Mrs. R, my brother and I were traveling to the lowlands southeast of Richmond to pick up some firewood.  When we got there, the place was wall-to-wall in flowers – azaleas, zinnias, marigolds and the like.  I remember exclaiming something like, “Down here, spring’s already arrived – won’t be long for us, now.”

♦     I suppose that thought was much on my mind because we awoke to a positively brilliant, sunny morning here at Port Swiller Manor, with temperatures this afternoon headed for the upper 50’s, and even perhaps a bit better tomorrow.

♦     As it happens, spring softball practice starts for the youngest gel today.  We’re heading on over to the fields in a little bit to meet her new coach and teammates.

♦     And then there’s the garden.  Some time this weekend or next, I need to get out and cut back Kong the Buddleia and all the Konglings.  Also, I’m putting an arched trellis over one of the gates into the back yard.  I’m considering two choices in planting it:  The fence on that side already has a hedge of wisteria along most of its length and it might be nice to finish it off, as it were, over the gate.  On the other hand, I’ve long had a hankering for some jasmine – there’s a cold-hearty variety now that would do well here, I think.  Decisions, decisions.

♦     On at least one item I need not dither:  Given the warmer weather and the fact that we get an extra hour of daylight tomorrow evening (don’t forget to change your clocks tonight), ol’ Robbo has a very powerful image of a nice, thick, grill-fired ribeye stuck in his brain.  Indeed, it’s getting a bit difficult to type, what with all the drooling…..



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