Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Regular friends of the decanter may recall a couple months back I mentioned that Mrs. Robbo had brought up the possibility of taking a family cruise.  Apart from some mild grumbling, I didn’t actually object to the idea, and as the initial burst of enthusiasm seemed to pass by with nothing concrete coming of it, I pretty much forgot about the matter.

Well, today I learned that ye fate is ycomme true and that August 2014 will find the Family Robbo tooling about the western Caribbean, being “entertained” in the shadow of a Goofy-wielding cat o’nine tails and made to “create memories” at the point of the Little Mermaid’s cutlass, all courtesy of the Walt Disney Corporation.

Yes, Mickey Bligh will have me at his tender mercies.

Really ancient readers from back in the Llama days may recall that about eight or ten years ago I was made to spend a week at Barad-Maus itself, about which I wrote a series of fairly cynical posts detailing the horrors of the place.  I’ve an idea the sea-based version is going to be worse in that everything that makes Disney what it is (and I don’t mean that as a compliment) will be condensed into a smaller, more claustrophobic, regimented, less-escapable setting.

On the other hand (believe it or not), I’m hoping that I may, in fact, be able to parlay this into a rayther enjoyable experience after all.  It is the water, after all, which can never be a totally bad thing.  Disney seems to have quite the reputation for its ability to disappear the kids for long periods of time on these ships.  And I have already made clear that far from being forced to go and “do” things (the mere use of the word “excursion” fills me with a nameless dread), I will be a far more cheery and companionable shipmate if I’m given a quiet corner, a stack of books of my own choosing and a steady flow of adult beverages.  (And just as an aside and back to being cranky for a second, I haven’t read the paperwork regarding what’s included in the ticket price, but I’ll bet any amount you like that it doesn’t cover the bar tab.  $14 martinis, anybody?   I think we touch in Jamaica, so I’ll have to see about smuggling some rum aboard.)

As far as my demands go, I have met little opposition.  Indeed, I actually have an ally in form of the Port Swiller Mother-In-Law, who is also coming along.  Not only does she know my habits well (she thinks I’m insane), she’s also the perfect embodiment of what one might call the lightning-rod principle, a companion for Mrs. R’s inexhaustible determination to sample all the offered “activities”  and a magnet for the gels.  With any luck, her presence will allow Robbo the comparative peace and quiet he so craves.  We shall see.

Of course, as with my last venture under the Shadow of Walt, I also insisted that the price of my coming along includes my right to blog about it.  (As Basil Fawlty says, “Just trying to enjoy myself…”) We’re still almost a year and a half out, of course, and I won’t say anything more just for the moment, but you might want to mark your calendars…..

UPDATE:  It’s been a long while since I dipped back into the prior chronicles of Mouse Hell.  Here they are.  Remember, these are from my younger days as a naive, cheerful, carefree blogger:

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