Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Well, the long, multi-year snow drought round about the environs of Port Swiller Manor appears to be coming to an end, as a major, late-season snow storm – dubbed Snowquester by the local smart-assed wags, much to my delight – is on its way in even as I type.

Accumulation predictions are still rayther all over the place, although the majority of opinion is that Robbo will find himself shoveling out something between 8 and 12 inches of wet, heavy snow tomorrow.  Will they be proved right? Well, all I know is that The Weather Channel’s chief mimbo Jim Cantore is rumored to have set up camp somewhere in the area.  So at least we’ve got that going for us.

At any rate, here’s hoping for a nice snowy day (capped off, perhaps, by some sherry by the fire after I finish my shoveling duties).  Who knows?  Maybe among us the gels and I can figure out how to transfer pictures from their iThingies onto this computer.

6:45 AM UPDATE:  D’oh!-quester?  Looked out the windows of Port Swiller Manor in the gentle dawn to see maybe a couple inches bowing down the butterfly bush, but hardly a blanketing.  Nonetheless, a quick look at the forecast shows they’ve actually raised the total accumulation estimate overnight (may as well go all in, right?) and everything’s closed.   So what the hey.

8:45 UPDATE:  Okay, here it comes……No doubt Jim Cantore is even now assuming a heroic pose, face to windward, with a suitable backdrop.  The Washington Monument, perhaps? (Dr. Freud, please pick up the white courtesy phone, thank you.)

10:20 UPDATE:  This seems to be turning into one crazy storm.  It’s snowing canned hams here at Port Swiller Manor, but I gather just a few miles farther east and south they’re getting nothing more than sloppy rain.  Very, very sharp and close cut-over lines.   By the way, the lights are starting to flicker a bit here, so no telling how much longer this blog will have elec