For those of you port swillers looking for a nice Lenten memento and a worthy cause as well, may I direct your attention to Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey?  It’s a Benedictine monastery in the Tulsa diocese.

Ol’ Robbo belongs to a little group of bacon-loving morons on Facebook, one of whom recently noted that the good monks hand-make a line of rosaries and icons.  Ol’ Robbo’s only rosary to date is a plastic-beaded BXVI model he picked up in his parish bookstore a year or two after swimming the Tiber while he was still trying to wrap his head around the whole rosary practice.  It serves, of course, and has sentimental value but, well, I always thought I could do a leetle better than that once I got the hang of things……  So, upon receiving said tip, I immediately nipped over and bought myself this nifty olive-wood rosary (with Our Father beads and crucifix made from Holy Land olive wood):


(I know, you can’t make out much from this lame pic copy.  Jump on over to the linky to get a better dekko.)

It just arrived this afternoon and I must say that it’s quite handsome.  Best of all, they come pre-blessed (unless otherwise requested), so you don’t have to run a padre to earth in order to get yours activated.

Plus, of course, by buying one, I’m doing my little bit to help out the brothers.