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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

My apologies to those two or three of you still loitering over the decanter and waiting for ol’ Robbo to serve up some table-thumping diatribe on such topics as take his fancy, but I did warn that I would be curtailing such activities during Lent.

Now that we’re a week into the season and the programme of abstinence, reflection and devotions is rolling into high gear, I am reaching that traditional point where I wonder whether I had ought to tinker with it.

You see, not only has ol’ Robbo parted from teh grape until Easter (well, barring Sundays of course), but I’ve also axed both teevee and musicke.

This makes the long evenings, well, long.

You might say that I ought to devote the time to improving readings.  I would answer that I, in fact, do so, but that one can only take in so much GKC, Newman and Cardinal Ratzinger at a time, especially after a  day’s labor, before one’s eyes start to flutter.

You might then say that I ought then to go to bed early.  I would answer that I, in fact, have been doing so, but that once I actually insert the person between the sheets, I find myself ironically wide awake.  The alteration in diet that comes with the season always has a radical effect on Robbo’s sleeping patterns, making his slumbers much shallower and his dreams much more vivid, while also causing long periods of wakefulness.  (The same sort of thing happens whenever I’m traveling on biz nay.)  And it doesn’t help that our elderly cat has taken to the habit of yowling at the top of her lungs in the middle of the night, demanding that somebody pet her.

The upshot is a certain amount of exhaustion on my part.  Thus the urge to tinker:  I gotta get some sleep!

On the other hand, I remind myself that Billy Joel once said, “Don’t forget your second wind.”  (Indeed, once that damned tune wandered into my head, I couldn’t get it out again.  Somebody please make it go away!)

So for now, I’ll probably just stick with things as they are and see if I can’t just power through until Sunday.


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