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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Don’t let the time-stamp on this post fool you.  While it is already Ash Wednesday in Greenwich Mean Time (at which TPSAYE is rayther snobbishly set), I assure you that it is still Mardi Gras at Port Swiller Manor as I type, a glass of wine in front of me,  Telemann’s Banquet Musicke on the stereo behind me and no distractions.

You’d think that such circumstances would be conducive to the jolly old feast of reason and flow of soul, but the fact of the matter is that I’m not used to posting under such conditions.  (Who was the fellah who couldn’t write without the smell of rotten apples and therefore always kept some in his desk?)  In the nearly ten years I’ve been blogging, most of my inspiration has been spur-of-the-moment, almost a by-product of the mental energy I’ve been expending on some other task.  (This works out very well when I am engaged in, say, research or writing on the computer.  I’ve yet to figure out how to master and set down the thoughts that occur to me while I’m , for example, mowing the lawn.)  It is relatively rarely that I have deliberately seated myself in the Port Swiller Manor study like this and said to myself, “And now, I shall blog.”  And when I find myself in terra relatively incognita like this, my Muse tends to start making excuses about having to wash her nails or get her hair painted or some such female thing.

The point of the matter is that change is bad, m’kay?

Nonetheless, it is my goal – much facilitated by the recent acquisition of the Port Swiller iMac – to transition to this mode of blogging.  The result may very well be fewer actual posts than friends of the decanter have been used to, but I’m hoping that what is lost in volume will be made up in both quality and depth.   Plus, to be frank about it, operating solely on the ol’ home unit allows ol’ Robbo’s tongue to be somewhat loosened.  Anyhoo, I am fairly confident that once she gets used to the new regime, my Muse will stop Bunburying and get back to work.

Of course, it won’t be easy.  I mention again the new Port Swiller iMac.  I’ve still not got used to this bloody thing.  Aside from the issue of trying to download and paste pictures, I still have not figured out the mystery of the vanishing scroll-bar.  Also, at least twice since I started composing this post, I’ve lost the whole bloody thing, apparently because I waggled the wireless mouse in an incorrect way.   People are all wrong in predicting that the Rise of the Machines will involve a sudden unleashing of massed weaponry.  They’ll simply drive us all over the edge with their shear, obstinate cussedness.

So please have patience.

Finally, a note about Lent:  I’m not going to shut down TPSAYE completely for the next forty days, but like the nautical dog-watch, posting will be curtailed.  Also, I plan to confine myself largely to matters penitential and ecclesiastical.   So if you want to slide outside to get some fresh air and perhaps indulge in a smoke, I’ll understand.


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