In the shadow of other momentous headlines this morning, let us not forget that today is the day pitchers and catchers report.  (Robbo’s beloved Nats actually kick off on Wednesday.)

Woo, Hoo!

Yes, the long, off-season drought is coming to an end.

charlie-brownIndeed, yesterday found Self and the youngest gel scrambling between church services to get over to the local gym, wherein were being held the annual spring softball tryouts for our local league.  Despite the fact that, as happens every year, we failed to practice at all over the winter and were reduced to a last-second crash course of reviewing basic positions and technique in the basement Saturday evening, the gel did just fine throwing, catching, running and hitting.

The league is also offering a level of play for 13-16 y.o. girls this year, for which the eldest has signed up.  She’s been out of the game for a few years but has shown some interest in trying out for her high school j.v. team.  She reckons that she probably would not have made the cut this year owing to being so rusty, so thought it would be a good idea to play in this league for a season in order to get back up to speed.

The middle gel has also announced her intention to play softball at school this spring.

Ol’ Robbo’s going to be spending a lot of time hanging around various diamonds, most likely again in some sort of assistant coaching capacity.  I can tell you even now that I’ll enjoy every minute of it.  One of my proudest achievements as Dad has been to inculcate into all three gels a love of the game.  Indeed, I’ve overheard all of them on more than one occasion telling friends with some heat that the reason the friends think baseball is boring is because they don’t understand it.  Always brings a smile to the ol’ face.

Anyway, play ball!