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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Well, according to Top Men, ol’ Puxatanni Puckzadaffy Whozyodaddy that infamous Pennsylvania rodent, didn’t see his shadow this morning, meaning Spring is right around the corner.  Frankly, I’d say it already arrived, slipping in straight behind Autumn, as it’s been a relatively mild and snow-free Winter in the neighborhood of Port Swiller Manor.  Snow Miser is slipping badly.

I was reading a thread recently in which somebody was asking the Pro’s whether the fact that we’re well below our average snowfall amount this year was evidence of Man Made Global Warming Climate Change.  What was remarkable was that the Pro actually gave a sensible answer that illustrated the danger of getting too wrapped up in statistics.

You see, our 30 year average is 14.5 inches per year.  But usually we don’t get anything near that.  What happens is that every now and again we get a real stem-winder of a season (for example, our record was set in 09-10 at 56 inches)  that artificially inflates the overall average.  It’s sort of like a kid shlepping their way through a lot of bad homework and test grades and only staying afloat because they manage to ace something every now and again. (Don’t ask me why that parallel comes to mind.)

I’m sure the Pro has been sent to a reeducation camp by now.

Anyhoo, my only thought about Groundhog Day concerns the movie of the same name.  Now I readily concede that it is, in fact, a very good movie, not just well written and well acted, but also imbued with a wholesomeness not often seen in the products coming out of Gomorrah Hollywood.  Plus, it’s got Andi Macdowell.  Say no more!

Nonetheless, the truth of the matter is that although I have tried to watch this movie maybe ten times, I have never managed to keep my eyes open all the way through.  I still don’t know how the durn thing resolves itself.   It’s not unusual for ol’ Robbo to doze off in front of a movie, since I usually don’t watch them until fairly late in the evening, but I think that Groundhog Day holds the record – shared only with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise – as the only flick I’ve never managed to conquer.  Why this is, I don’t know.  But it’s a fact.

Now alert friends of the decanter might be wondering why, at this point, ol’ Robbo hasn’t snuck in a gratuitous picture of the lovely and talented Mizz Macdowell.  That brings us to a rayther different topic.  You see, after several years of dithering over it, the Family Robbo finally broke down and purchased a new home computer, an iMac desktop to be precise.  I’ve always been a PC guy [Ed. – well, at least in this respect]  and have not got the hang of the Mac World Order yet.  Among other things, I have not figured out how to download photos off the innertoobs.  Also, I haven’t figured out how to keep the scroll bars on the side and bottom of the screen from constantly vanishing.  Finally, I seem to have done something or other while typing this post that causes my WordPress template to overflow the screen something awful, meaning that I have to scroll right and left just to see what I’m doing.  No doubt my eleven year old knows the answers to all these issues already, but it shouldn’t be this complicated.  Change is bad, m’kay?

UPDATE:  Here’s the G-man’s annually-posted tribute to the movie.  Enjoy!


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