Via Debby the Corner’s link gal comes this history of curry:

[T]he original curry predates Europeans’ presence in India by about 4,000 years. Villagers living at the height of the Indus civilization used three key curry ingredients—ginger, garlic, and turmeric—in their cooking. This proto-curry, in fact, was eaten long before Arab, Chinese, Indian, and European traders plied the oceans in the past thousand years.

I don’t have much to say about it – I can take curry or leave it alone – but thought I would put it up in case Sistah happens to be reading.  She’s the big Port Swiller Family curry expert, having spent some time herself on the Subcontinent, and I’m sure would have plenty of opinions and observations.

I also put it up in order to have an excuse to use the headline, which is the name of the final Chorale from P.D.Q. Bach’s grand oratorio, The Seasonings (Schickele No. 1/2 tsp).  Do we have the tape?  Yes, yes we do.  (Starting at about 9:05):