300px-Sailing-Alone-Around-the-World-coverI mention below that one of the pleasures of blogging is a sort of stream-of-consciousness trivial pursuit.  Another is when friends of the decanter are kind enough to think of me when they come across something themselves that might seize my interest.

Thus, this morning, on checking the ol’ Llama Tasty Bits Mail Sack™ as I still do because I haven’t got round to setting up a dedicated Port Swiller mail account, I discovered a recommendation from the lovely and talented Sarah G. of a new-to-me book, Sailing Alone Around The World by Cpt. Joshua Slocum.

Captain Slocum single-handedly took a sloop, the Spray, round the world in the late 1890’s.  A first, apparently.  This book is an account of his circumnavigation and ought to be of interest to anyone who considers the Deep Blue, either from the deck or from his favorite comfy chair.

Of course, I immediately had to scurry off to the devil’s website to snap up a copy.  (That’s ol’ Robbo – talk about yer low-hanging fruit and temptation!)  And I’ll let you know what I think, although I doubt there will be any surprises.

I also checked the wiki entry on the book.  Of particular snort-worthy note is a comment made by a certain Arthur Ransome, who himself wrote childhood adventure stories.  Said Mr. Ransome in an introduction to a 1947 edition of Sailing, “Boys who do not like this book ought to be drowned at once.”

Yo, ho!