A TaftOh, frabjous day! Calloo! Callay!

Regular friends of the decanter will recall that I was fretting over the horrible possibilities associated with my beloved Nats adding a 5th Racing President?  Well word has just broken that they, in fact, got it absolutely right!!

Enter “The Big Chief.”

Taft, our country’s 27th President, was always the opportunist, rising to the highest post in the land by always having his “plate the right side up when offices were falling,” as he once jokingly put it. He was also the first U.S. President to throw out a ceremonial first pitch, which he did on Opening Day, 1910, right here in The District. Legend also has it that Taft “invented” the seventh-inning stretch, when he stood up to stretch at a game and the crowd around him followed suit.

Once great allies, he and Roosevelt tussled over policy matters following Taft’s ascension to the Presidency in 1912. That led Roosevelt to run as a third-party candidate against the man that had succeeded him as Commander in Chief, ultimately costing both men the chance to return to the Oval Office. Later in life, the two reconciled, leaving the question open as to whether they will work in concert to try to win in 2013, or if their feuding will cost each a chance at victory.

Oh, so very well done!  The perfect fit  And such a pleasant surprise, as so far as I can tell, nobody saw it coming.

One more reason why this season is going to be teh awesome!


(Oh, btw, it’s no “legend” that Taft invented the 7th inning stretch.  That’s true.  Or if not, it ought to be, which is good enough for me.)