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The late Warren Zevon was born this day in 1947.  I confess I never knew any of his musick outside of the Excitable Boy album, but I liked that one…..

The youngest gel and I occasionally sing this one together, especially around Halloween.  She thinks my howling is pretty funny.

Citizens of Natstown and regular friends of the decanter who pay any kind of attention to what ol’ Robbo writes will be familiar with the famed Presidents’ Race that takes place at every home game of my beloved Washington Nationals.  To date, the race has been among the four Mt. Rushmore Presidents- Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.  The Teddy Saga, an integral part of the drama, is detailed here.

Well, now word comes that a fifth Racing President is being added to the crew:

Even before Teddy Roosevelt won the final regular season Presidents’ race last fall, there was speculation that a fifth president would join the four Rushmores in 2013. The team would not confirm any of this, other than admitting that they were already working on plans to keep the race fresh and interesting moving forward.


Well, welcome to reality. The Nats set the stage on Wednesday by announcing on Twitter “a major Presidential announcement” at NatsFest this Saturday. And in case there were any doubt about what the news would be, the team made it official on Thursday with this Tweet: “The rumors are true – there will be a #5thPresident racing in 2013! But who will it be? Find out at #NatsFest!”

NatsFest is this coming Saturday, so we will need to wait and see.  Some of the speculation over at the linkied post is amusing, but as I say, I’ve got a baaaad feeling.  They wouldn’t, couldn’t possibly pick……..

President Blutarsky

President Blutarsky

UPDATE:  Chewing on things, it occurs to me that, with the possible exception of Ike or Andy Jackson, there’s not a POTUS left on the list who isn’t either intensely polarizing or an absolute non-entity.  It also occurs to me that there’s no especial reason the Nats would need to confine themselves either to a) past or b) real Presidents, so why not widen the field?  It finally occurs to me that somewhere in the lore of  of Animal House, it is noted that not only did Bluto later become a Senator, he eventually became President.

Ladies and Gentlemen, so far as I’m concerned, we have a winner!  Bluto romping around the field would be gold, Jerry.  Gold!

Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

A conversation at the grocery story last evening between the Middle Gel and Self:

Self:  Oh, and we need to get some ranch dressing.  And since your mother isn’t around, we can get the kind that isn’t “fat-free”!

M.G.:  Wow, Dad, you’re a real Bad Boy, aren’t you?

I tell ya.

UPDATE:  Just because….


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