Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Well, as of this morning ol’ Robbo is o-fficially the father of two teenaged daughters, today being the middle gel’s thirteenth birthday.   Yikes.

As we were driving in this morning, the gel started in with the same trick that Sistah used to pull on me:  Instead of putting on more and warmer clothes, she instead insisted on cranking up the heat in the car, thereby making me extremely hot and uncomfortable.  When I complained of this, her response was, “Oh, be a man!”

Whipper-snapper.   (And yes, I hit the travel-size kybosh button that I keep for such emergencies.)

Oh, and speaking of emergencies, I’ve also recently had Port Swiller Manor fitted out with a TMI Button.  (We gentlemen, after all, have delicate ears.)  The sound choice for that one was obvious.