Please note that the hot beverage rule is now in force.  With that said, enjoy:

I started spraying coffee all over the place while watching this for two reasons.  First, like all the best silly memes, it keeps getting funnier with the anticipated repetition.

Second, and for heaven’s sake don’t go reading more into this than there actually is, “What?” is a long-standing joke in the Family Robbo.  You see, the Old Gentleman ruined his hearing through a misspent yoot of shooting skeet without proper ear protection but would never admit to the problem.   Also, he had the same hair-trigger sense of indignation now sported by the eldest gel.  Hence, if I had a quarter for every time he yelled “What?” in his life, I could have retired years ago.  The rest of us have taken on this habit in mock form.

A glass of wine with the Czar of Muscovy.