Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

The Family Robbo has inhabited Port Swiller Manor for better than twelve years now.  Prior to our purchasing it,  it had been owned by one other family who bought it new in 1972.  After we moved in, we continued to receive the odd pieces of mail for Prior Family, mostly of the junk variety, but after a year or two these more or less petered out.

stampSo imagine my surprise last evening upon opening in the mailbox.  In it was a Christmas card/letter that had been sent by one of the daughters of Prior Family to an address in Tokyo.  The postmark read 199__ (I couldn’t make out the last digit), but the envelope also carried several Christmas stamps which, according to my researches, had been issued in 1982.   The back of the envelope was covered with Japanese writing.  The thing (which had been opened btw – that’s how I know about the card) was being returned as undeliverable.

As I say, it was quite a surprise.  It was also a curious and not altogether pleasant reminder of the impermanence of things.   I couldn’t help wondering who might get my misplaced or returned mail someday after I’ve shuffled off (assuming there’s still such a thing as dead-tree mail then).

I’m not strictly sure what to do with the letter, as I have no earthly idea where any of Prior Family have got to.   Hang on to it, I suppose, just in case.  One of the daughters of Prior Family actually dropped in out of the blue maybe six or seven years ago, dragging along what I took to be a beau or hubby whom she wanted to show where she’d grown up.   Granted, she took one look at the changes we’d made to the interior (which were considerable), appeared to take offense and stumped off, so I doubt we see her again.  But there might be others.  Who knows?