May I just point out here that I have been laughing and laughing at regular friend of the decanter Gripping Hand’s word picture of the Port Swiller Manor Kybosh Button in the comments to this post yesterday?  Allow me to highlight it again:

I can just imagine a large red button, about the size of a bicycle wheel, mounted on the wall near the dining room table (or wherever family councils are held) with word Kybosh on it. Robbo would, with great solemnity, stand, walk over to the button, and with a worthy effort, depress said button. The sound effects resulting from said effort are left as an exercise for the reader.

I haven’t yet pinned down the sound effects in my mind because every time I try I start laughing again.  What I have pinned down is my response to any protest offered after the administration of the kybosh, which is a Joe Pesci-like, “Hey! Talk to the Button!”   I was practicing the line on my way home last evening with much satisfaction.  Indeed, it may even replace “Well the Jerk Store called and they’re out of you!” as my favorite bad driver response.

Seriously, I have got to get me one of these.