Greetings, my fellow port swillers, and happy – where are we? – Seventh Day of Christmas!

I tell you truly that I was genuinely surprised to wake up this morning and realize that it was the last day of 2012.  How on earth did that happen?

Do I do end of the year reflections here?  I don’t remember, but I at least know it’s not a consistent practice of mine.

Anyhoo, as far as the denizens of Port Swiller Manor go, it’s been a good year overall.  No major catastrophes have visited us;  all the minor ones have been well within the standard deviation you would expect in an average family; we’ve had our share of joys and accomplishments, too.   Stability, which I crave more than anything else, has reigned.

Rant /on/

I say “average” family, but on thinking further about it, I feel that this may not be the right choice of adjectives.  Have you seen the divorce and illegitimacy figgahs lately?   Mrs. R and I will have been married twenty years come this June, and we’re raising the gels more or less the way I always assumed would happen.  But when I look about me among our friends and relations, I see example after example of families breaking up.  And not because of legitimate, earth-shattering circumstances, but because of simple, stupid, trivial selfishness.   There are maybe three fellahs in the world at whom I would gladly take a swing if given the opportunity.  All of them  have abandoned or are abandoning wives and children on the grounds that they needed to find themselves, that they weren’t getting the fulfillment (whatever that is) that was their due, that it all somehow wasn’t faaaaaaiiiiir…..(I just found out about the latest one yesterday – the ex of a college chum of Mrs. R’s who took a powder because their third child wasn’t a boy.)

Goddam sons o’ bitches.

Of all the things that worry me about the godforsaken state of our so-called “culture”, the trivialization of marriage and the destruction of what Jimmah Carter would call the “noocular” family worries me the most.  Aside from the Biblical considerations and the  individual pain and anguish it causes (and I don’t mean to under-rate these aspects, but the former is obvious and the latter is too personal), as a matter of history healthy societies have recognized that healthy families are the best – and only long-term –  source of new generations of healthy little law-abiding tax payers.   Blow these away and you’re left with nothing but legions of semi-ferrel wards of the state.   That’s a mighty attractive idea to progressivists (and I’m not altogether sure it isn’t the deliberate ploy of our current crop of “elites”), but it’s also damned short-sighted and, well, evil.

Rant /off/

Sorry about that.  Just seeing red (ha, ha).  Ol’ Robbo’s circle of influence being exceedingly small, there’s really not much I can do about it all except to make sure the sandbags in my own redoubt are secure and to keep the flag flying.

Oh, and on a completely different note, please be advised that next year will be known round here as “twenty-thirteen” and NOT as “two thousand-thirteen”.  Thank you.