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beefGreetings, my fellow port swillers!

It’s always been Robbo’s impression that those two or three friends of the decanter who gather here from time to time tend to be of about my age (I’ll be 48 in about a month) and older¹, so I assume most of you get the quote in the title to this post.  (Those younglings among you might like to go here for the reference.²)

Anyhoo, as I lay in bed staring at the ceiling this morning, muddling over this and that (my invariable practice before arising), it occurred to me that if the Port Swiller oven isn’t fixed by Tuesday, we’re going to have some serious trouble because Christmas Dinner without roast beef and Yorkshire pud’ is mighty near sacrilege as far as I’m concerned.

So what to do if the electrician wallah doesn’t get back to us before then?  (He was vague and non-committal about this yesterday.  UPDATE:  Special order part – of course – seven to fourteen days to get.  And mucho expensive.  Grrr.)

Then I suddenly had a flash.  (Yes, it happens every now and again.)  “Hey, wait a minute, Self,” I said to myself, “Brother has been roasting his Thanksgiving turkey on his trusty Weber grill the past couple years to admirable effect.  Is there any good reason you couldn’t do the same with a rib roast?”

Flying to the innertoobs, I found via a quick google search that no, there isn’t any good reason why I couldn’t do this.  Indeed, the more I ponder it, the more attractive the idea is to me regardless of the status of the oven.³  (Robbo like fire.)

The directions I’ve seen look pretty straight forward.  (Most of the recipes suggest searing by direct heat first and then separating the coals and roasting covered indirectly.)  My question to my fellow port swillers is whether any of you have tried this before and, if so, what tips you might be able to pass along?

And of course, I will relate my own experience after the fact.


¹ I’ve always got on with older people better than younger ones for some reason.  Did I ever tell you about the college girlfriend who, in a moment of frustration over something or other, accused me of being born 60 years old?

² The rest of you are invited to nip over as well and answer me this:  Is that the voice of Roscoe Lee Browne?

³  Without the broiler, however, I’m afraid that bacon and water chesnuts just won’t work out.  The fallback for that is prosciutto and melon.


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