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On a related note, Adam West will always be the real “Batman” to me.  On the other hand, Casey Kasem is the True Voice of “Robin”.

UPDATE:  This post got me noodling more on the whole Casey Kasem voice acting phenomenon, which you might say was an integral part of my misspent yoot, since he seemed to be in damn near every cartoon I watched.  This had an effect later in life.   Back in the day when I was Super Dad instead of That Crotchety Old Stupid Who Never Lets Us Do Anything, my impersonation of Kasem’s Shaggy was treated with wonder and delight at Port Swiller Manor.  (And just as an aside to this aside,  I laugh out loud every time I think of Lisa Simpson’s line, “If Scooby Doo has taught me anything, it’s that there’s nothing to be afraid of except crooked real estate developers.”)

Another tidbit is the fact that Kasem was the voice of Merry Brandybuck in an appalling 1980 Rankin & Bass cartoon version of The Return of the King (which also featured, among others, a thoroughly miscast Roddy McDowell as Sam).   It was such a rotter that I think I’d actually prefer watching Peter Jackson’s version if I had to choose, and regular friends of the decanter will know that that means a lot.   I only throw this out because Kasem had such an immediately recognizable voice that I recall half-expecting him to suddenly say, “Like, Scoob! Frodo’ll never get to Mt. Doom without a snack, right?  Let’s go make one!”

Oh, and as long as we’re visiting the Hall of Justice: