Well, here we are just over a week out and all the usual sights and sounds are dropping into place.

The tree went up at Port Swiller Manor this weekend, my efforts to filibuster its earlier arrival having proved more effective than I had thought.  This year, after I had set it up and put on the lights, the younger gels decorated the entire thing all by themselves, with only a minimal amount of post hoc editing required on my part.   (Take a wild guess at who’s going to have to take everything down, though.)

Once pine needles enter a house, they never really do go away again, do they.

The lovely and talented Sleepy Beth speaks sooth on subject of the Elf on the Shelf.

Tomorrow is my office Holiday Party and I’m wracking my brains for a way to slide out of it diplomatically.  We hates office holiday parties.  Well (cough), perhaps something will (sniff) come up (hack, sniff, cough!).

Yesterday was Lessons & Carols at RFEC, with the middle gel duly rendering the first verse solo of “Once In Royal David’s City”.   During the course of things, it occurred to me again just how much I actually dislike “Joy To The World”.   You wouldn’t think that a combination of Isaac Watts and G.F. Handel would be such a miss, but the more I ponder on it, the clunkier it sounds.  There’s something especially cringe-making to me about that second verse with its “fields and floods, rocks, hills and plains”.

On the other hand, it’s quite easy to understand why whoever it is that came up with “Christmas Goes Baroque” is going to the special hell.

UPDATE:  I’ve been forced to go back to the local classickal radio station (don’t ask why) and either it’s my imagination staging a palace coup of my skull or else they really are only playing about the same half dozen carols and pieces over and over and over again, apparently hoping that if they use different performances and arrangements, nobody will notice.