Ol’ Robbo received an email a little while ago from one of the local private girls’ schools flogging a summah program which reads, in pertinent part:

“We will be previewing two new classes – Culinary Exploration and Horsemastership along with sharing memories of camp and some other fun activities.”


As John Cleese’s customs inspector says to Michael Palin’s clock smuggler about his tortuous explanations of his obvious villainy, that come out a bit glib, dinnit.

“Horsemanship” is a fine old word, much more pleasing to the ear.  Surely we’re all sufficiently secure in ourselves that we need not butcher it in the name of politickal correctness.  [Ed. – No, we’re not.  And don’t call me Shirley.]

Then there’s “Culinary Exploration”.  That’s not insecure, just pretentious.  What’s wrong with “cooking class”, if I ain’t bein’ too inquisitive?