This vid filched from Hear The Boat Sing made me smile with nostalgia because something very similar happened to a boat I was in one time back in the day.   Despite the fact that the Connecticut River is a couple hundred yards wide at Middletown, we managed to plow right into a channel buoy out in the fairway one morning during a light practice.   Fortunately, it came down the port side of the boat and I was a starboard, but I still remember the mayhem it wrought as we passed by.  Also fortunately, while it bent some riggers around and I believe snapped an oar, no major damage was done to the shell itself.   Pretty damned lucky, too, because we were out on our own without the coach shadowing us in the launch.   You should have seen the look on the cox’s face when we got back to the boathouse and she had to explain what happened.

In all fairness to both our coxswain and the one in this video, it’s awfully hard to see what’s directly in front of you with seven hulking guys (and me) blocking the view.   It’s also surprisingly hard to hear coaches or officials yelling at you, especially when you’re concentrating on a race.  If I’d have been the camera-wallah here, I’d have probably gunned my engine and tried to get in front of the shell, or at least far enough forward to make eye-contact with the cox.