star wars adventThe devil’s website sent an email to ol’ Robbo in an apparent attempt to entice him to part with his doubloons for this:  The LEGO 2012 Star Wars Advent Calendar 9509.  Yours for a cool fifty bucks.

In three words? No, thank you.

I don’t much care for Advent calendars to begin with, as it’s my observation that they only fuel the younglings’ greed for additional candy and treats and dampen or dilute what is supposed to be the actual reflective and preparative spirit of the season.

But this?  That’s Darth Maul as Santa.  (Wiki link provided for teh Mothe, whom I’m sure has never heard of him.)  By what bizarre process of theological and cultural gymnastics did somebody come up with that idea?¹   (It’s even more bizarre than the Yoda Santa of the cheaper version.)  And as for the other figures, they seem to include various fighter craft, battle droids and troopers.

Because I guess nothing says “Prepare, ye, the way of the Lord” like stormtroopers, ATAT’s and Satan-like villains dressed up as St. Nick.

I don’t mean to sound like a prig, but I can’t help thinking that some day archeologists are going to come across one of these things buried in some heap of Earth-that-was rubble only to have their collective heads explode as they try to figure out how our so-called culture managed to arrive where it is.   On the other hand, they’ll have little trouble figuring out why it collapsed.

¹ Of course, I realize I’m probably over-thinking it and the calculation is in reality much simpler: Star Wars sells.