nick and noraNot interested in dressing up as the devil and scaring the younglings this evening?  Well, here’s an alternative celebration:  On this day in 1933, Utah ratified the 21st Amendment, thereby giving it the 75% state legislature support necessary to become law.   As a result, the 18th Amendment and Prohibition were abolished.   You can read all about it here.

Surely for friends of the decanter this is an occasion to charge your glasses, gunn’ls under, and drink with three times three?

I b’lieve there are still some “dry” counties in various parts of the country that ban or limit the sale of the right stuff at certain times.   Indeed, I still recall a Sunday evening in about 1994 when Mrs. R and I stopped in to see a school friend who lived north of Atlanta.  (I think it was Cobb County).  We went out to dinner.  Having had a very long drive, I asked for a glass of wine.  The waitress looked at me as if I’d asked for fricasseed baby.

And by the bye, may I take advantage of the occasion to again plug Hot Water by P.G. Wodehouse?  It’s one of his best novels, IMHO, featuring among other characters the great “dry” Senator Ambrose Opal.