goodandbadGreetings, my fellow port swillers!

I see where today is Krampusnacht.

Was ist das, you might ask?  Well, tomorrow is the Feast of St. Nicholas, who we all know has a predilection for handing out treats to good little girls and boys.  Krampus, a leftover Alpine pagan satyr-like figure, works the flip side of this arrangement, carting the not-so-good ones off to the hot place.  So today, on the eve of St. Nicholas’ Day, ol’ Krampus makes an appearance with the purpose of scaring the hell out of the little bastards, reminding them that life is stern and life is earnest and not listening to Mom and Dad has even more sinister consequences than they might have imagined.

Personally, I think it’s a brilliant arrangement.  Indeed, I was fuming at the gels on this very subject last evening (the choice between good and bad behavior, that is, not Alpine pagan spirits).  It would be no trouble at all to get hold of some grease-paint, a fright wig and some horns and do it up right.